Collaborating Now To Shape Tomorrow's Talent

Teccodd’s Talent Advisory Services are designed to complement your business strategy, elevating your workforce’s potential. Our expertise in Talent Planning, Talent Assessments, and Talent Insights equips you to navigate the intricate and evolving landscape of workforce management. Tackle your human resource challenges with solutions that cultivate and enhance the talent vital for driving your business forward into the next era. The competencies required today will differ from those needed tomorrow.

Let’s seize opportunities to craft your workforce of the future. Connect with us to address your talent needs.

Cultivating TALENT Aligned With Your Vision

Through Talent Planning, Talent Assessments, and Talent Insights, we empower you to develop a team that embodies your core vision and values. Our strategy incorporates proven frameworks, methodologies, and the latest tools and technologies to identify, choose, and keep the best talent for your organization. Leveraging global, leading-edge workforce data and trends, we collaborate with you to understand and fulfill your specific talent requirements and goals.

Talent Planning

Defining roles that resonate with your business objectives

Comprehensive Evaluation

Identify, choose, and connect with premier candidates

Talent Strategy Development

Shape your organization with the necessary functions, teams, roles, and capabilities. Talent Strategy Development partners with leadership to specify roles that match your organizational culture and strategic goals. Our expertise covers organizational architecture, strategic planning, role specification, competency mapping and career trajectory planning, organizational reshaping, and career transition management.

Future-Proof Talent

  • Monitor performance and compare your status with industry rivals.
  • Equip your organization for the evolving workplace through analysis of necessary job roles and skills.

Objective-Focused, Data-Driven Planning

  • Pinpoint essential functions and roles to fulfill your strategic objectives.
  • Model and test workforce scenarios to ensure the ideal match of skills with business requirements.

Teccodd’s Comprehensive Evaluation

Provide your managers and leaders with the critical insights needed to fill vital positions, facilitate succession planning, and foster career growth. Teccodd Comprehensive Evaluation steers your organization towards making well-informed talent-related decisions, ensuring optimal utilization of your workforce through: Selection Assessments, Development Evaluations, Cultural Compatibility, Potential for Future Growth, Performance Reviews, and Projected Career Pathways.

Candidates selected via Teccodd’s Comprehensive Evaluation are:

  • 1.5 times more likely to be placed in roles where they are highly engaged
  • Twice as likely to be high-potential employees who surpass performance expectations

Enhance each phase of the talent lifecycle with:

  • Greater efficiency in recruitment processes
  • Shorter duration from job posting to hire
  • Quicker ‘ramp-up’ time for new hires
  • Lower rates of new hire turnover

Talent Insights Service

A subscription-based offering providing customized insights and trends for recruitment, Talent Insights gives you a competitive edge in the rapidly changing business landscape through software that connects you with global talent.

This anywhere-access, subscription service encompasses: Insights on current and future skills, Industry-specific knowledge, Salary benchmarks, Market dynamics, and Real-time Talent dashboards.

Exclusive access to the world’s most extensive market data:

  • Explore over 6,000 job profiles for instant insights on emerging roles and those phasing out.
  • Conduct thorough analyses with detailed reviews of up to 10 job profiles.
  • Access specific country salary data, track skill trends, and create effective job advertisements.
  • Adapt your training and development programs to ensure your workforce is prepared for future challenges.


Welcome exceptional talent into your fold and watch your business and its culture transform. Set a course on your talent hunt with Teccodd’s Talent Advisory Services.

Equipping Your Workforce

Draw in, evaluate, and choose individuals who not only meet your objectives but also foster a resilient corporate culture.

Strategize and Enhance

Pinpoint the competencies essential for steering your business through an ever-changing environment.

Data-Driven Foresight

Unlock unparalleled access to analytics, cutting-edge technology, and five decades of recruiting know-how.

We cater to all your talent acquisition needs!