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Everything You Need To Know About MANAGED SERVICE PROGRAMME (MSP)

A Managed Service Programme (MSP) is a crucial strategic tool for companies trying to simplify workforce management, especially when it comes to hiring and managing contingent workers such as independent contractors, freelancers, and temporary employees. Fundamentally, our MSP is made to maximize the acquisition, use, and administration of these temporary resources by offering a whole range of services. In order to cut expenses, minimize risks, and increase efficiency, this frequently entails contract negotiation, performance monitoring, vendor selection and management, and compliance control.

In order to achieve these results, organizations usually collaborate with specialist outside providers and that’s where we come in! You get to take advantage of our knowledge of the market, technological know-how, and experience.

Comprehensive procedure

You get to access an extensive network of abilities through our multichannel supply chain. We create customized talent networks and make use of cross-border supply. Our size and insights guarantee successful channel strategies, enabling you to access business-critical knowledge when needed.

Data Driven

We can best position you for success since we have a wealth of global information at our disposal. We’ll make smarter decisions together whether it’s by using data to investigate the availability of specialized or developing skill sets, identifying the risk involved with particular sourcing channels, or offering guidance on the most effective engagement strategies.

A Step Ahead

In order to compete in a more complicated work environment, organizations need to take extra steps to recruit, onboard, and develop talent. You can use our full range of advising services to build your Contractor Value Proposition or to improve the inclusion and diversity of your talent networks. When the going gets tough, we’ll make sure you win the most important position in obtaining the necessary skills.

How Managed Service Programme Recruitment In the UAE Can Help Your Company

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Increased abilities and knowledge

Our omnichannel sourcing approach gives access to a wide range of capabilities and guarantees a consistent consumer experience. Together, we will make informed decisions on your talent function, supported by an abundance of data and insights. Improved availability of abilities and knowledge

Enhanced access to skills and expertise

Make your company future-proof

There will always be change. However, adopting a reactive strategy puts your company at risk of falling behind. We keep an eye on shifting industry trends, forecast your needs as they change, and cultivate connections with suppliers to guarantee that you can get the capabilities you require when you need them.

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Unmatched client satisfaction

Our business revolves around your success. After taking the time to get to know your company, we'll work as a catalyst for improvement by pushing your ideas and making sure you get better. With the resources, technology, and industry-specific market intelligence at our disposal, we're dedicated to giving each and every member of your organization a first-rate experience.

Customized Managed Service Programme Solutions For Your Needs

With a Managed Service Program, there is so much potential that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

If your company is new to MSP, laying the proper groundwork is crucial for those just starting out. Through efficient change management and the development of manager-friendly procedures, we ensure program uptake by putting the emphasis on empowering and engaging your supplier network rather than managing it. This strategy guarantees that results are realized more quickly, lowers the risk associated with change, and fosters “buy in” from a variety of stakeholders.

If you’re looking for greater agility then we integrate four services into a single, comprehensive solution for businesses ready to get more out of their current MSP. The most adaptable, responsible, and cost-effective solution is offered by combining direct sourcing, contractor management outsourcing, and our proprietary vendor management system, 3 Story Software, into a single MSP Complete mode

The next step in your workforce journey, if your foundation is already in place, is to transform it into a Total Workforce Solution by combining the expertise of your MSP  services or recruitment process outsourcing.

The Solution To All Your Workplace Woes

Improve the Recruiting Process

Wiser. Quicker. Nimbler. Find out what working with a workforce solutions partner can do.

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Boost Your Access To Expertise

The strategies we offer to find the people who will keep your business running.


With an MSP, a recruiting outsourcing company takes on full accountability for managing the hiring, onboarding, and administration of contract, temporary, and other non-permanent employees.

The majority of MSP fees come in the form of price per transaction fees or as a percentage of contingent labor cost. We can also customize payment plans to meet the unique requirements of your company, such as a performance-based pricing model with shared savings or a fixed charge.

We’ll go over your supplier management alternatives, each one customized to your company’s unique goals and issues as well as the MSP implementation process. We will always choose facilitation above command.

Establishing a multidisciplinary steering committee with representatives from procurement, HR, and line management from the teams that hire the most temporary workers is the first step. Getting this project team involved will guarantee that important viewpoints are taken into account and that your stakeholders are on board before the solution is selected.

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