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If you are seeking professionals and industry experts to bolster your oil company or project, Teccodd is the premier recruitment company in the UAE to assist you in finding and sourcing the most qualified and experienced candidates.

As one of the leading oil and gas recruitment companies in the UAE and GCC region, Teccodd offers unmatched solutions tailored to your industry’s needs. We cover a range of roles, from Drilling, Energy, and Mining Engineers to Safety Managers, Geoscientists, Geochemists, Geologists, and Hydrographic Surveyors. We also cater to office-based positions such as Accountants, Managers, Supervisors, and Administrators.

With a team of experienced professionals deeply rooted in the UAE and Middle East oil and gas scene, Teccodd uses a careful screening process. We match candidates to your needs, ensuring they have the right qualifications, experience, and certifications.

Our dedication goes beyond just hiring—we provide detailed candidate profiles and work closely with you throughout the assessment process. Leveraging our extensive candidate database and broad reach in Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s job markets, Teccodd promises a quick and effective selection process that delivers results efficiently.

Why Choose Teccodd For Oil, Gas And Petrochemical Recruitment In The UAE?

Specialized Expertise:

With our in-depth industry knowledge and targeted focus on the Oil, Gas, and petrochemical sectors, Teccodd brings unparalleled expertise. We understand the intricacies of these industries, allowing us to deliver tailored recruitment solutions that precisely meet our client’s needs.

Exceptional Candidate Quality:

Teccodd prides itself on sourcing and delivering the highest quality candidates to our clients. Through our rigorous screening and selection process, we ensure that every candidate possesses the requisite skills and qualifications and aligns with the culture and values of our client organizations.

Client-Centric Approach:

At Teccodd, client satisfaction is our utmost priority. We adopt a client-centric approach, collaborating closely with each client to grasp their distinct needs and preferences. We provide personalized service, maintain open communication channels, and remain adaptable to evolving client needs, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.

We possess comprehensive industry knowledge and specialized expertise in various sectors within the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry.

  • Exploration & Drilling
  • Fabrication Upstream
  • Storage
  • FPSO
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • EPC- Engineering
  • Refineries
  • LNG
  • Production Downstream- Refining
  • O & M
  • Transport
  • Pipelines
  • Onshore / Offshore Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Sub Sea
  • Terminals

Below is a comprehensive list of the primary roles within the Property, Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical Sector where Teccodd offers specialized expertise in recruitment, staffing, and talent acquisition, ensuring organizations in these industries can access top-tier professionals to fulfill crucial positions and drive success in their projects and operations.


  1. Project Managers
  2. Commercial Managers
  3. Facilities Engineers
  4. Communications
  5. Safety, Security, and Compliance
  6. Exploration Engineers
  7. Fabrication Coordinators
  8. HR (Human Resources)
  9. Piping Valve Engineers
  10. Quantity Surveyors
  11. Information Technology Coordinators
  12. Commissioning Managers
  13. Operational Directors
  14. Drillers
  15. Pipeline Engineers
  16. Project Control Engineers
  17. Marine System Engineers

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