Teccodd’s Specialized Approach to Pharmaceutical Recruitment

In the pharmaceutical industry in the UAE and the broader GCC region, Teccodd recognizes the important role an employee can make. As pioneers of innovation, we acknowledge the challenges and extraordinary opportunities that come with this dynamic market environment. Recognizing the crucial role of human capital, we are prepared to assist you through this transformative journey.

Our exclusive HR trend predictions and thorough market analysis enable pharmaceutical firms, healthcare entities, and industry frontrunners to make well-informed strategic choices. Our proficiency applies to both established companies and rising innovators.

  • Teccodd’s dedicated team acts as your trusted advisor, comprehensively assessing the competitive talent pool within the UAE and GCC. We delve into market dynamics, ensuring you understand the skills and expertise most sought after in today’s pharmaceutical landscape.
  • With over a decade of experience exceeding our client’s expectations, Teccodd offers a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition solutions. Whether you require contract staffing, permanent recruitment, executive search, or international deployment, we possess the expertise to deliver the perfect human capital solution.
  • We invite you to embark on a collaborative exploration with Teccodd. By sharing your specific needs and aspirations, we can tailor our services to unlock the best opportunities for your organization. Discover the exceptional talent pool that will propel your success in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape of the UAE and the GCC region.

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What Makes an Excellent Pharma Team?

When assembling teams across departments like regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, supply, and logistics, recruiters should prioritize achieving the right blend of talents over simply selecting top candidates. It’s essential to ensure that elements like teamwork, managerial abilities, and communication seamlessly align to deliver optimal patient services.

Cultivating a positive and nurturing work culture is paramount for any pharmaceutical team. Prioritizing mutual respect and support, investing in the professional development of each team member, recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance, and fostering a friendly and productive atmosphere should rank among the top priorities for any pharmaceutical team.

  1. As one of the most trusted pharmaceutical recruiting companies, we offer seamless and fully compliant international hiring solutions.
  2. With our extensive candidate database, we can facilitate immediate hiring.
  3. Our services are tailored to fit your business goals perfectly.
  4. You maintain complete control over the hiring process while we guarantee quality and convenience.
  5. Access a comprehensive range of HR and recruitment solutions under one roof.


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Sales Engineer_ Japan

Position Information: **Position:** Sales Engineer  **Location:** Shinjuku, Tokyo  **Employment Type:** Full-time (6-month probation period with no change in salary or benefits)  **Annual Salary:** 5.8 million

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Business Development Executive

Targeted Field: Furniture Industry (FF&E/OS&E) for Refurbishment Market Level of Position: Senior Executive or Managerial Level Number of Openings: 3 positions Requirements: Reporting Location: Ajman

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Logistics Manager

Job Title: Logistics Manager Onsite : Abu Dhabi Logistics Section:  Logistics/Warehouse Band / Grade:  Salary Scale : AED 20,000 – AED 25,000 Reports to: General

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