Make use of independent, custom reports that offer the facts, insights, and suggestions you need to create the most effective compensation plan for your company.

Everything You Should Know About Benchmarking Salaries

Finding the ideal employees and keeping them away from your rivals may depend on your ability to offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.

You need an unbiased and reliable summary of salary data across a wide range of industries, locations, and job categories if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

We’ll provide you with the market knowledge and up-to-date insights you need to improve your access to skills and expertise as your long-term partner in the workplace.

A well-established understanding

We have a long history of creating comprehensive, customized wage benchmarking studies that help our clients plan for future hiring requirements, increase employee attraction and retention rates, and guide organizational change.

An industry-leading approach

In addition to providing strong proof of what other companies in the market are doing both now and in the future, the Teccodd technique adds independence to any strategy. You will be able to create the most suitable and competitive benefit structure for your company with the help of this information.

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Cost-effective expertise

By working with an outside provider to create a competitive incentive plan, you can show that you are committed to providing fair and equitable compensation while also making informed decisions about creating the best possible pay and benefit package for your company.

Enhanced access to skills and expertise

Making decisions based on data

With the help of our salary benchmarking tool, you can create the ideal compensation plan for the abilities you require by using our independent, customized reporting, which includes real-time data, insights, and suggestions.


We provide a thorough analysis that is based on our own approach and offers solid proof of what other companies in the market are doing both now and in the future.

Under the direction of a committed research team, we offer concrete data regarding precise and current compensation from the most pertinent peers for your organization, be it public, commercial, non-profit, or global.

Our solution, which is customized and not a ready-made product, is flexible enough to take industry peculiarities, scale, size, and structure into account. It is based on relevant data sets.


Pay disparities may be the difference between keeping valuable and hard-won staff members and losing them to rivals. Making data-driven, in-the-moment judgments on compensation is made possible by benchmarking wages, which provide you with an objective and accurate sense of salary information.

It pays off to invest time in wage benchmarking and to make sure you create a thorough, well-thought-out compensation and benefits plan, so you should only need to do it once or twice a year.

It might take a great deal of time and effort to get current and accurate compensation information from other organizations, and most of them lack the capacity to do so. Hiring Teccodd to handle the work for you will give your company access to targeted, real-time data as well as an unbiased, independent assessment with concise, doable recommendations that you can put into practice right now.

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