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It’s no secret that academic institutions across the board have witnessed significant changes. Today, the quality of education is intrinsically linked to having a team endowed with the right mix of skills and expertise.

Serving schools, universities, and academies alike for teacher recruitment in the UAE, Teccodd is equipped with the necessary knowledge, partnerships, and acumen to identify the ideal candidates for your organization. We recognize that generic solutions do not suffice in addressing the unique requirements, circumstances, and hurdles your institution faces.

As your dedicated partner, our approach is customized and geared towards providing you with tailored advice and comprehensive education recruitment services that adapt as you grow and your needs change.

Reach out to Teccodd’s recruitment consultant in the UAE to improve how you hire people and make the most of your educational institution.

Teccodd continuously expands its network of esteemed employers, empowering us to offer enhanced employee value propositions and tailored strategies for improved talent retention.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive recruitment services tailored specifically for education clients like yourself. Our offerings include permanent, contract, and executive search services, covering essential functional domains such as teaching, HR, marketing, and supporting staff within academic institutions spanning the UAE.

Join the ever-growing list of clients who have reaped the benefits of our expertise and intricate talent networks, securing top-tier professionals within the industry. Let Teccodd be your strategic partner in education recruitment, ensuring you hire the best talent available in the market.

Dedicated to revolutionizing education recruitment in the UAE, Teccodd recognizes that successful education recruitment involves more than just filling vacancies; it’s about addressing your unique workforce challenges with innovative and evolving solutions.

Whether your needs involve securing a permanent educator, finding a substitute teacher for immediate classroom support, identifying an inspirational principal to drive school transformation, or completely outsourcing your teacher recruitment process, Teccodd is equipped to support you at every turn in the educational sector.

This comprehensive approach ensures we can devise the optimal staffing solution tailored to your school or educational institution’s needs, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional learning

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Looking for short-notice contract help or long-term team members? Our candidate database at Teccodd has exactly what you need.

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With Teccodd's innovative approach, today's solutions become the cornerstone for seizing tomorrow's opportunities. Our utilization of technology and automation simplifies the complexities of managing diverse talent requirements, ensuring your organizational needs are met efficiently and effectively.

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Whether your needs align with contract support or permanent staffing, Teccodd has a rich pool of candidates ready to meet your demands. Our database includes top-tier talent from across the region, ensuring we match the right person to your specific needs.



10-20 years site experience in interior design execution and experience in residential villas or hotels. Native Arab Speakers are preferred Salary: AED 15,000 to AED

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Procurement Officer

Salary: 400-500 BD Experience: 5-10 Years Location: Bahrain 🔍 Requirements: If you meet these qualifications and are ready to take on a challenging role in

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Cost Accountant

·       3 to 4 years’ experience as Cost Accountant working from a construction company. ·       Salary: up to AED 7,000 ·       Work Location: Abu Dhabi and flexibility to work in Al Ain ·       Qualification:

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